Measuring the ROI Of Social Media Marketing

Forrester Research Recommends A Balanced Marketing Scorecard Across Four Perspectives to Properly Value the Impact of Social Media Marketing Investments

Social media marketing delivers a wide range of benefits to organizations that are beneficial in the short-term and long-term, in ways both quantitative and qualitative. In this independent report, Forrester Research shares primary research results about the factors marketers should consider when determining the return on investment of their social media marketing efforts.

“Marketers can and should measure financial return but cannot overlook other vital measures of social media success and contribution.”

-Augie Ray, Sr. Analyst
The ROI Of Social Media Marketing
Forrester Research, Inc., July, 2010

Report highlights include:
  • Four key perspectives a balanced social media marketing scorecard should use to monitor the impact of social customer initiatives
  • Methodologies and techniques for measuring both the financial and non-financial benefits from social media such as sales impact, brand perspective, and risk management
  • Recommendations for marketing organizations to determine and validate social media investments across a combination of approaches

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