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Masters of Digital CX: European Edition

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Masters of Digital CX: European Edition

In this 4-part webinar series, some of Europe’s most advanced leaders in digital customer experience shared their journey as they aim to bring digital excellence and optimal results for their brand at large.

Whether you are new in the realm of digital CX or more seasoned, we want to provide you with all the need-to-knows about the subject. Watch the 4 episodes below to learn how to leverage your toolbox, deploy a successful strategy, and outshine the rest in today’s challenging and competitive landscape.

Episode 1: Digital CX is the New Playing Field - Click here to view on-demand

In this 1st episode of the series taken from our LiNC Local London panel sessions, discover:

  • How to deliver awesome digital CX across departments and channels,
  • How top brands including Parrot, ING and Zuora, are making strides in the world of online communities and social media management,
  • And how to build ROI through tangible goals.

Episode 2: The Future of Social Media Management - Click here to view on-demand

In episode 2 of the series taken from our LiNC Local London panel sessions, hear from companies including Plusnet, Scottish Power, nPower and Post Office on:

  • How to understand your audience & influencers and break down the barriers to creating a holistic digital customer experience,
  • How to efficiently manage social campaigns and respond with precision,
  • And how to publish relevant content that will deliver ROI.

Episode 3: Community & Beyond - Click here to view on-demand

In this episode you will learn how your customers at every stage of their journey can benefit from your online community and how to achieve positive impact on cost savings, sales and customer satisfaction. During LiNC Local London, our panel of experts discussed:

  • How to map out your digital customer journey by asking "Does my community touch every stage of my digital customer’s lifecycle?",
  • How to keep your community vibrant with relevant content moderation and super user programs,
  • And how to ensure your community is consistent with your brand.

Episode 4: The Real-World Impact of Digital - Click here to view on-demand

In this mainstage session filmed during LiNC Local London 2017, Rob Tarkoff, Lithium CEO and digital CX expert, provides key insight on how to connect with customers at the right digital moment. To achieve this, he explains Lithium’s four-stage formula for successful digital customer experience: Listen, Engage, Enlist and Embrace. In Episode 4, you'll learn:

  • How to manage issues, crises and damage limitation,
  • How to enhance the digital customer experience, while protecting and enriching relationships,
  • And how digital CX leaders from DNB, F-Secure and Plusnet are tackling these challenges.

This content was filmed during LiNC Local London on the 20th June 2017.