Hope is not a strategy
for crisis management

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The travel and hospitality industry is continuously exposed to risk by unforeseen events: service disruptions, strikes, weather, political/national security threats, operational and mechanical delays…the list goes on.

Disruptions drive additional service costs, and place an added load on all customer service channels. Travelers are now accustomed to using the power of social media to interact with brands and travel and hospitality companies are no exception.

Join our thought leader Dave Evans, Vice President of Lithium Social Strategy for Travel and Hospitality - on this webinar to:

  • Understand why response time SLAs are critical to crisis management
  • Get best practices to meet response time SLAs during a crisis
  • Uncover post-crisis action steps to be better prepared next time
  • Learn how you can engage with your customers in their channel of choice

Featured Speaker


Dave Evans
VP Social Strategy, Travel & Hospitality
Lithium Technologies