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Forrester’s CX Index found that 73% of companies say improving customer experience is a priority. But only 1% of organizations deliver an excellent experience for their customer.

Brands rely so heavily on customers to be their top advocates- yet, must deliver a level of service that establishes promoters rather than detractors. So a number of questions are on the table: How do you manage their expectations? How do you set the standard for quality of service? Are you measuring to assess loyalty or the quality of your product or service?

All in all, providing great customer service expends a great deal of resource; a brand must ensure that in this effort, they are reaping the results they need to progress as a business.

In this webcast, we will address how best to measure CSAT and NPS to get the biggest impact from your CX efforts, more specifically,

  • What is the value of NPS & CSAT to a brand?
  • How do you calculate them?
  • How do you evaluate them?
  • How do you improve them?

Join us in this webcast to dive deeper into the value behind these metrics and how to activate around them.

Featured Speakers

Terri Peluso headshot

Terri Peluso
Senior Community Program Manager

Chris Hemedinger headshot

Chris Hemedinger
Senior Manager Online Communities

Rachel Palad headshot

Rachel Palad
Product Marketing Associate