Webcast: Mind Shift - Social Media That Powers the Business Beyond Marketing

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Forrester forecasts that marketers spent $15.5 billion on social marketing in 2016 in the US alone. And yet, nearly half of CMOs can’t articulate the value they are gaining from social media.

You have the power to change this for your organization. Shift from thinking of social media as a channel, to viewing it as a unique vehicle for your marketing and broader business strategies, and you can drive significant, measurable business impact.

In this webcast, our guest Forrester Vice President and Research Director Melissa Parrish and Lithium CMO Katy Keim dive into the recent Forrester report: You Don’t Need A “Social Marketing” Strategy, and reveal how you can:

  • Impact the entire customer lifecycle via social media
  • Use social insights to empower not only marketing, but customer service, sales, product and human resources
  • Humanize your brand by better meeting customer expectations for authenticity, empathy and connection

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Hosted By:

Melissa Parrish

Melissa Parrish
Vice President, Research Director

Katy Keim

Katy Keim
Chief Marketing Officer