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You need high quality content to engage customers on digital channels. But how can you publish the right content at the right time and track whether it’s delivering real business value? To succeed, you need the right tools.

Lithium Social Media Management gives brands one seamless, easy-to-use interface for connecting with customers across social networks, blogs, and online communities. The tool uses Klout data to make, smart content recommendations -- solving one of brands’ biggest social challenges. Lithium Social Media Management integrates brands’ social marketing and social customer service functions to guarantee consistent customer experiences. It’s simplicity at scale.

In this webcast, Nate Elliott (@nate_elliott), former industry analyst and now a member of Lithium’s Board of Advisors, and Katy Keim (@Katykeim), Lithium CMO will share:

  • Findings from Nate’s latest report on social relationship tools and how brands can get greater value from social media
  • Katy’s “truths of social marketing today” from the point of view of a modern marketer CMO
  • A sneak peek of Lithium Social Media Management
  • Q & A with Lithium customer Post Office UK

Featured Speakers

Nate Elliott headshot

Nate Elliott
Lithium’s Board of Advisors and Former Industry Analyst

   Katy Keim headshot

Katy Keim
Chief Marketing Officer

Darren Jones headshot

Darren Jones
Studio & Social Media Manager
Post Office UK

   Brian French headshot

Brian French
Enterprise Account Executive