Building Customer Networks for Successful Word of Mouth Marketing

Identification of Influencers Increases Campaign Effectiveness by 50 Percent

The ability to attract, nurture, and retain influential customers is a core competitive advantage for savvy organizations. Vibrant customer communities enable companies to identify their most influential customers through behavioral profiling and social network analysis (SNA) techniques, and are therefore vital tools not only for their immediate benefits in member-driven support, promotion, and innovation, but as a means for attracting customers to serve as influencers in future marketing campaigns.

Based on ground-breaking research conducted by experts in the field of word of mouth marketing in conjunction with Lithium's Social CRM research team, we are pleased to present our research findings and actionable insights for building your own customer networks for successful word of mouth marketing.

“We are seeing that the ability to identify, engage, and create lasting relationships with passionate, influential customers is a core competitive advantage for companies today.”

-Lyle Fong, Co-Founder
Lithium Technologies

Report highlights include:
  • Word of mouth campaigns run through a customer network can improve marketing results by over 100%.
  • Using identified influencers in your customer network can improve the effectiveness of word of mouth campaigns by 50%.
  • Word of mouth campaigns work in online communities for surprising reasons - reasons that some practitioners miss.

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